Print cork board panel page

I want to print out the array of cork board panels. When I use Cmd+P, I get a preview with three large panels per page … even though I have 11 cork boards on screen.

Is this the only option for printing these panels ?

Have you tried File > Page Setup… > Settings: Scrivener > Options… and then using the Index Cards tab to set up check-boxes for the printing output you want?

Yes Hugh. Nothing will change it from 3 cards per page even though there is only a few sentences in each card.
See attached.
Screenshot 2014-07-01 20.08.56.png

This feature is intended to be coupled with the special sheets of paper you can buy that have actual index cards perforated into them, or with regular paper you could use a cutting board. If you don’t actually want index cards, and are just looking for the data, then print from the Outliner view instead.

It still limits the page to three cards, equally divided. There seems to be no real way of printing cork boards as a tool in and of itself.

You must still have the Corkboard view enabled, if you print from the Outliner view, there are no “cards”. It uses an entirely different system that is just data centric, more like a list.

If you want to print is a picture of the screen, though, then just take a screenshot and print that.

No. My original wish was to print the cork board cards or tiles of wherever they are known as in this context, as they appear in cork board view. It’s ok, I take it this is not possible. Maybe it will be a future feature, maybe not 8)

Btw: I am approaching half way through this book of mine and making more and more use of more of the features as I go. Please never feel that someone like me who asks for things not featured to be added or changed does not appreciate enormously the thousands of great features ALREADY in Scrivener ! It is brilliant and wonderful !
There are a number of tweeks and small useful things that occur to me as I go through them, but either they are already in place but I don’t know about them or I’ll save them for when I finish and will post them all in one post :wink:

Okay, yeah, it’s not possible as a corkboard, the visual thing with shadows and textures, and lines and so forth. In most cases it wouldn’t be terribly useful. But, if you’re a Scapple user, you could use that to print an approximation of your corkboard. Just select all of the cards and drag them into an empty Scapple document window (with Freeform mode, they will even be roughly lined up the same way as in Scrivener). It’s even possible to set things up to look pretty much like a corkboard, except you get variable “card” heights so text is never truncated, and pagination.

[size=80]Who knows which is which and who is who…[/size]

If you don’t have Scapple, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound like I’m on a sales pitch. :slight_smile: Ahem.

Glad to hear Scrivener helping with the book! We always like to hear feedback, so don’t feel bad if the answer is no—it’s just that since the program has been around since 2007, a lot of ideas have already been brought up and set aside, like this one. But sometimes they do come around again and Keith changes his mind about whether the idea has merit in the software.

As someone in the process of writing a book with two plots and quite a few characters it would be very nice to print exactly that on, say, two pages and bring it with me to the cafe where I often mull over ideas and make short notes.

I use Scrapple. It’s cool. I actually used it to major effect in my first draft for this book where the plot line was a lot more complex. Nice app.

Ok … I just did that and it works nicely… I am dragging from Binder order which I am using right now. However … This means I will have to re-drag and drop every time I change order ? as I write in scenes and commonly bring forward or send back scenes in the order.

Btw … (I am out of ink for this week) I notice that when I try to print the result in Scrapple, having done all of the above, AND given each card a border, that in the preview the borders don’t show :frowning: is this normal or is there any way of overcoming that ? In the preferences the border is black

One thing that I notice the project doesn’t make use of, which I think would help the development even if it were used only as a tool and not a democratic decision making thing - is small polls from time to time.

But wouldn’t printing a bunch of index card sized things also be useful for that? I’d think even more useful, since you could use the whole table as your “corkboard”, and use the extra space on the cards to write on. Just a thought. :slight_smile: I forgot to mention that if you do have blank index cards, you can set up your print settings to print directly to them, instead of sheets of paper that need to be cut up. There are tips in §26.2.1 (pg. 430) of the user manual.

To be clear, I’m not arguing that printing a corkboard would not be useful for you, clearly it would—I’m just saying that overall, in the grand scheme of things of what Scrivener should be complicated about, and what it should be simple about, this has been decided as being unnecessary, and that physical “index cards” is a more useful result for most people.

I can’t reproduce that myself. If I give everything a 1px black border (with or without a shadow), when I hit Cmd-P I see exactly what I’ve got on the board. Maybe the preview is just too small? Try using the PDF button in the Print preview panel to “Open PDF in Preview”.

Also, if you aren’t actually printing at the moment, it may be easier to just make a PDF out of it with File/Export/PDF….

We have done that on occasion, where there isn’t a good sense of how things get used, or what people are looking to get out of a specific thing. It can be a useful tool, but for general “Feature Voting” or whatnot, that’s not really how Scrivener or Scapple are designed. As noted on the About page, both programs are designed with an eye for keeping things true to their design premise, rather than just saying… well, a lot of people want this so let’s do it, or software X has that, so we better add it as well. That kind of approach tends to lead to a diluted piece of software, bloated at worst.

For the most part though, we just collect ideas as they come, like this, and set the aside for future thought, where they might eventually appear in the originally requested form, or perhaps as something entirely different that approaches the problem from another vector.

Points noted. Tks.

The simplest way to print out the corkboard view from Scrivener is to follow AmberV’s advice above: take a screen shot and print that out. Pretty simple process, using Preview makes it simpler.

Workarounds are our friends.

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I got ink all sorted in my printer and followed all of the dragdrop process. Then I selected all and make the border 2px (prefs black) but cannot get any borders to print. Also no borders in PDF … :frowning:

Could you send a sample .scap file with all of your settings and a note or two of dummy text? Just attach it to a response with the “Upload attachment” tab below the submit button.

Just before I sent it I messed around with Scrapple more. It seems the preferences colours for the border isn’t over-riding. I happened to chose all boxes and found that the border colour was actually off white. Now I set it to black and I see the borders in the Print Preview.
Strange that texts is white but it prints black in printout …
Mmm I have now messed around with it some more and see that this menu Format / Colours … over rides everything and now the white text does NOT print black, but white.

Tks for the help Amber … I was struggling to get the logic for the preferences and I guess expecting it to be similar to Scrivener. I have the hang of it now I believe :slight_smile:

Scrapple is a very nice little app.

I thought it might be something like that, glad to hear it’s working fine now. :slight_smile: I’ll have to double-check, but I’m pretty sure that is a bug we have on the list of things to fix. The same routine that converts the text and connection colour to something sane for printout should be doing likewise with borders—if they are being set by the default rather than specifically set to white.

By the way if you expand your Print panel to show Scapple options, you’ll find you can print with the natural colours as well—but it sounds like with your settings, that might waste a ton of ink printing a dark background.

Tks. Yes. I somehow got the background to be a comfortable green. Now I need to find how to get that to white for printing.