Print Document Notes

I am wondering whether it is possible to print “document notes”. I have read that it can be done from the “compile” menu but only see the option for footnotes and comments. I think I must be missing something.

I have searched the forums but I wasn’t able to locate any specific reference to this question. I see that it is possible to print project notes but I have made specific notes in each document that I would like to be able to review all at once.

Any help is appreciated.

In the Compile area, click on the “Formatting” pane and tick the checkbox to include “Notes” against the types of section you want to include them for. For printing them with a single document, go to File > Page Setup > Settings > Scrivener > Options.

Hope that helps.

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This is perfect. Thank you.

Still think I am missing something with the compile settings but I suppose I just need more practice. For now, I am happy to simply print the notes a document by document basis.

Thanks again.

Here are the settings Keith is referring to:

This would print document notes for all items in the compile group (the entire Draft by default), as well as titles so you know where the notes came from, but no manuscript text. If you want text then include checkboxes in the last column as well.

Thanks for the clarification. That helps a lot. I am especially pleased to know how to print the notes without the text because the manuscript is large and I didn’t want to burn all that paper just to compile the notes.

Thank you both for your help. Extremely grateful.


Hi. I am running the latest version of Scrivener and I would like to print notes for documents and for the entire project. However, none of the settings nor the instructions in general seem to sync up to the latest version of the software. How do I accomplish this task in the latest version on MacOS?

I have the same question. Scrivener Mac 3.1.1. I only want to print the notes section. The above ways don’t seem to work.