Print out Template

How can I print out my completed character templates?

I am at another computer and have no printer, but believe this should work
Printing a template
Select the template
Click inside and then use Ctrl + A to select all the text
File > Print Preview to check on appearance then print.

Do your completed character templates fit within the confines (width) of the editor?
If so, you could create a new Section Type, named, e.g. Mapping. (Do that under Project Settings > Section Types > +.)
Assign all you completed character templates to the Section Type Mapping. (Highlight them in the Binder, right-click, select Section Type from the context menu and choose Mapping.)
In Compile go to Assign Section Layouts and assign the Mapping Section Type to As Is.
Out of Compile again, select all your completed character templates you want to print, then click Compile, and choose Current Selection from the dropdown, where it probably says Compile: Manuscript right now.

Your character templates don’t need to be in the Draft/Manuscript Folder to achieve the above.
You would get a continuous flow of information this way, without page breaks, but looking as it does on screen.
To have it more structured with page breaks between items, you’d need to create a new layout (Layout Name) under Section Layouts in Compile, call it something like Char Maps, and deal with page breaks there—and when Assigning Section Layouts, assign Mapping Section Type to Char Maps Section Layout, instead of to As Is.

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That is an excellent way for multiple templates. I have word and just copied and pasted the template into word with the scrivener tables intact, though the color fills changed a little.

The File → Print Current Document command is very helpful for quick printouts of things like this. It will print whatever is currently visible in the Editor.

(Options for this command have moved in Mac OS Sonoma. They were on the Print Current Document screen, but are now under Page Setup.)