Print outlines with different subsets of custom metadata


I’ve set up many metadata fields with different types of information.

How can I print outline views of only one of two of the various metadata fields (as well as the title and synopsys)?

How can I save each as a layout to easily print it in the future?

Thank you for your help.

If it is for a simple print, you can use the print settings for an outline :
(But that will print all of your custom fields. No way that I know of to choose which.)

For a compile operation, you’d have to create your compile formats (as you said) then use placeholders within them (in the suffix/prefix etc).
( → Can be done using only section layouts also.)

More precisely, this one placeholder:

Or just check “metadata” in your section layout if you don’t mind all of them being in the final output :

To have exactly what you described, this is how you want your section layout to be :

plus placeholder(s) in the suffix :

And this will place your custom fields between the title and the synopsis :
→ Note that, for this third option, the title font and font size will be used for your custom metadata; as this is kind of playing a trick on the software.
Else, you’d have to use this placeholder as well :

…and uncheck “synopsis” from your layout.

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Thank you!

Yes, that works.

Sadly, it prints out all the custom metadata, which is unusable in this form. I need one or two fields at a time.

Then you have to do it with the placeholder. My last four screenshots.
That is the only way.
(There is another way, but it would involve constantly editing each document in the editor.)

@SAGabriel, the placeholders are <$custom:name>, not custom:name.

Indeed, major typo in my screenshots.
The placeholder is missing its $.
Thanks @drmajorbob .

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Thank you so much for your help.

So, if I use the custom suffixes, the metadata fields without them should not print?

Yes, only metadata fields which you list by name with a placeholder of the form <$custom:name> in the suffix will show up in the output.