Print Preview Not Working Correctly


Thought I had discovered a quick work-around for the individual scene printing problem in Scrivener (i.e. you can’t print the contents of a single folder without exporting). Everything went well for the first couple of scenes. I hit Ctrl-A, then Ctrl-G, Ctrl-R to bring up Print Preview, then Print.

The problem is that Print Preview is only showing pages 1 and 2 of my scenes. No matter how long the scene is, there’s no option to see it in its entirety and therefore print it completely.

Does anyone know if this is a program glitch or if it’s singular to me? Would very much appreciate some help on this.

Many thanks,

Hi Jane

I believe you’re getting this behavior on Print Preview because you may have selected pages 1-2 when printing a previous document in Scrivener. Suggest you select Print Current Document, then change the page range to All. Then click Apply, then Cancel. Then return to Print Preview, and you should see the full range available for printing. Note that if you choose Print Current Document via the icon on Print Preview’s toolbar, you won’t see the change until you close and restart Preview.

We probably do want Print Preview to remember the last options we chose. Still, this is a good candidate for an interface improvement, since we typically rely on Preview to determine which pages we want to print.

Rgds – Jerome

That did the trick, Jerome. Many thanks!