Print Selection

I couldn’t find anything about this with a search - but it seems so basic.

It appears to me that you can’t Print Selection in Scrivener. Is that correct or is there something I am doing wrong? When I do File>Print or CTRL-p the Selection radio button is greyed out. Is there a good workaround for this?


I am not aware of the reasoning behind it being disabled, it’s probably a technical limitation. It would be fairly simple to print selected text though, just copy and paste it into a new file in the Binder, print from there, and then trash it. Or, if you do this a lot, just keep a “scratch” file in the Binder for just this sort of thing.

Thanks for your quick response. I find it hard to believe it is a technical limitation. Windows Printer Dialog Boxes handle all the printer calls through the Windows API, you just have to select the features you want to use. I realise that I can copy the selection and paste it into another program which allows printing of the selection but this is so antithetical to the principles and objects of Scrivener that I’m disappointed you wrote that.

In using hundreds of different programs since Windows first emerged out of DOS I have never ever come across one that didn’t allow you to print the selected text. Surely this is an ‘oversight’ not a ‘technical limitation’ ? Should I report it as a bug in the appropriate place or would you like to pass it on for consideration?

Notepad.exe? You’ve tried hundreds, it only took me one to find another that didn’t support this feature. But, that doesn’t really mean anything, it is not the quantity the matters but the specifics of the technology involved.

And as for the difficult to believe aspect, we are using a cross-platform toolkit, it is sometimes not possible to interface with all of Microsoft’s features because of that. Though, like I said before, I’m not really sure if that is the issue here. It is my best guess.

OK OK, I should have said that I couldn’t ‘remember’ coming across the limitation before.