Print shows just Titles and no content

I have a large project I’ve been creating for a couple of years. I just discovered when I try to Print a Draft document, only the document title prints, i.e., there’s no content.

I thought I’d found a way to clear up this Print problem:

  1. Create a new, empty project.
  2. Select everything in the original Drafts section.
  3. Drag (copy) all draft items to the new project.
  4. Do the same to copy all Research items.

Unfortunately, the new project is missing all links between Draft and Reference items. And there are way too many links to consider recreating them.

Is there some way to “clean up” my original project to restore proper printing?

It sounds like you just need to tweak the settings in your original project. There shouldn’t be any need to abandon it. In the Compile sheet ([b]Opt-Cmd-E[/b]) make sure you have checkboxes in the row that is labelled “Text”. See the below screenshot for an example, with two relevant rows highlighted:

[size=9]Compile all titles and text.[/size]

This will print titles and text for all document types in the Binder. If you don’t want them all to print titles and text, you can change these checkboxes accordingly.

Thanks, Amber V for your speedy and helpful response.

When I went to Compile Draft, my settings were already as you suggested. From this sheet, I can indeed get the whole text to print.

I was using File > Print Current Document… (Command-P). I don’t understand why this works in new files but not in my old one. Hmmm.

This is not a big deal, since I can now get the printing I need from Compile Draft.

Yes the Compile print method is generally preferred as it will produce something much closer to the final manuscript appearance, but you shouldn’t be having problems with the basic print method itself, and it can certainly come in handy for quick proofs.

Let’s check some settings in the Page Setup sheet. These are per-project settings as well, so something might have been switched off accidentally here at some point (and any new projects will not exhibit the same error). Page Setup ([b]Shift-Cmd-P[/b]) has some basic options to look over first. Make sure your settings here are sane (i.e. you aren’t printing to a paper size that is 1” by 1” or something, and that the scale is at or reasonably around 100%). If all of that looks good, proceed to the Settings drop-down menu, and choose Scrivener. Again, make sure your margins are sane and not so large that they are obliterating all text. Next, click on the “Text Document Options” tab. Make sure you see something like this:

[size=9]Correct setting for printing text documents[/size]

It sounds like you might have the “Print title” option selected, and nothing else. Perhaps at one point you were trying to print out an outline or something?

Also remember you can preview your print before you actually print, by clicking the “Down arrow” in the Print interface. If you have to play around a bit with these settings, that can save you some paper.

Or, you may have “Print title” and “Print text” on in the Page Setup sheet but are selecting a folder for compile which has no textual content. “Print Current Document” literally prints the current document, so if you currently have a folder selected, you may end up with a blank document - remember that folders are essentially text documents with a different icon and which open in corkboard or outliner mode by default. But turn off the corkboard or outliner and you see - and can edit - their textual content, which will probably be blank for most uses. Were you to enter Edit Scrivenings mode for the folder, it should work.