Print to multiple pages?

First of all, congrats to shipping. Wonderful little app!

I’m trying to use it to prepare some lecture notes, but to do so, I need to be able to print to multiple pages at a reasonable size. By default, Scrapple seems to just scale down the entire document to fit on one page, which causes the printout to have unusably small fonts and diagrams for longer notes.

Maybe I’m missing something totally obvious, but I couldn’t figure out how to print to multiple pages. Any tricks to do so?

Thanks in advance.

It isn’t too obvious. :slight_smile: For some reason Apple has decided that when we print, the only thing we’re interested in is a handful of odd options and an illegibly tiny preview. To gain access to what you can actually do with your printer, click the “Show Details” button and then select “Scapple” from the primary options drop-down located in the bottom of the right half. Here you will find an option to disable called “Scale to Fit One Page”. Once that is off, Scapple will spread your board out through however many pieces of paper it needs to reproduce it at full scale. Just be sure to bring some tape!

Ah, thank you. I did miss that option.

Well, here’s a follow up feature request: it would be great if it were possible to optionally show the page grid while “scrappling” to ensure that none of my “clusters” crosses a page boundary. For note taking (rather than outlining / mind-mapping), being able to pay attention to page breaks would be helpful.

(For now, I simply help myself by adding a textured background that roughly approximates the page boundaries.)

That’s not possible, I’m afraid, as the pagination is determined by Apple’s page layout code and not accessible from Scapple’s own code. I’d have to write my own pagination code and page view to support that, which I’d like to avoid. :slight_smile:

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Ok, I understand. For now, using a texture with a page frame works ok for a couple of pages, but then inaccuracies start to accumulate. I’ll give it a try anyway and see if it works for me. Thanks.

How about the ability to scale to fit to 1 page wide, by x pages long, just as excel does? That would allow you to scale adequately. The next trick would be to be able to insert a page break, so when you have a diagram, you can make sure all of it is on a page.

Or perhaps a work around is the ability to select certain pieces and setting that as a print area. Then, the print to one page would be manageable.

I have all this great work, and now cannot print it to give to others or email to them in any kind of a readable form. very frustrating.

I don’t understand why you can’t email it to them in a readable form - create a single-page PDF of it and send it to them. The PDF will scale up and down perfectly.

Scaling to fit 1 page wide by x across wouldn’t really work, at least not without fully customised pagination.

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