Print with target words

Hi all
I have set targets for my different sections. My supervisor is asking to see my detailed chapter outline with target word counts. Is there an easy way to include word targets when I print to PDF?

If you need to include targets (and word counts) along with the outline, then your best bet will be to print from an outliner directly, rather than going through the compiler. You can certainly print off outlines using the some of the special formatting features in compile (we even have a few presets that end up working for most people out of the box), but there is no way to print word counts or targets in such a way that it ties back to individual items. The only placeholders along those lines are for the entire manuscript.

So to get counts in your outline printouts, use the File/Page Setup… menu command, switch to viewing Scrivener settings, click the Options… button below the margin setup, and there you will find an “Outlines” tab with some settings for controlling what sort of information will be included.

Thanks so much Amber! That has really helped. That has saved me from having to manually input over 30 separate bits of info. Excellent for today’s deadline, and extremely excellent for the rest of my writing phase of my PhD! Grinning away.

As a minor detail, ‘target’ doesn’t work as a stand-alone. So I have had to add in ‘word count’ and ‘target’, for target to appear. This will indeed confuse my supervisor as this comes up as ‘Words: 6/10,000’ (I have as yet only included sub-headings, so no words written yet to speak of).

Also, again a minor thing, I have to add in the target total for a folder manually, it does not seem to add up all the targets for the sub-folders. I’m pretty sure this is on purpose and for a good reason. (As in there would be words that fall outside of a sub-folder that should also be included in the overall folder target count so manual is the best option).

If you had any leads here, much appreciated. If not, not a big issue whatsoever.

For a total word count, you need the “Total Word Count” or “Total Target” column from the View -> Outliner Columns command. I’m not sure whether the “Print Current Document” command will pick these columns up, though.

When I’ve had to do this sort of thing, I typically just include the target word count in either the title or synopsis of the section. I generally don’t want to show the client the same level of granularity that I use for my own purposes, and that lets me use the full power of the Compile function.