Printers and 3x5 inch index cards

With Scrivener 2.0 coming out soon, with the ability to print on 3x5 cards, I thought this thread would be a great place to share printer models that can actually take advantage of Keith’s generous capitulation to the throngs (does 3 count as a throng?) of people clamoring for the ability to print on individual 3x5 cards. Please post the successes (or failures) you have with printing individual 3x5 cards on your printers so that others in the market for a new tree killer can make a better choice.

I went on a quest to find a printer to replace my constantly clogging Epson, and I have succeeded. In addition to it being able to handle stacks of index cards (not just one at a time), it can print on both sides of a regular piece of paper (not cards however), scan stacks of paper automatically, and do all of this over the network without an attached computer in Mac OS X.

Behold, the officejet 6500 wireless printer ! … 795309.pdf

I haven’t tested it on a large number of cards, but the sheet feeder didn’t have any trouble with picking the top 5 cards off of a stack of 50 or so, and it printed just fine on them once I made Pages use a more sane set of margins for such a small print area. I’ll check back post 2.0 after I’ve had a chance to print a larger number of index cards from Scrivener.