Printing a selection went wrong

Slight problem. I selected one recipe out of a Scrivener document containing three - selected all of the text, pressed command-P and chose “Selection”. I expected it to print only the selected section, as, say, Word would, but it printed the whole document.
Going back, I see that “Selection” has a caption below saying “Select pages from sidebar”, but I see no sidebar.
It’s not a major problem, as long as I remember to make a new document from the selection and print that instead. But can anyone tell me where this sidebar is?

You are describing the standard Mac print dialogue, where “Selection” does not refer to anything in Scrivener (it would be unaware of any text selections you make), but as it states, the “sidebar”, which is the scrollable list of thumbnails to the left. Each page will have a checkmark, which when clicked is what informs the “selection”.

How Word works rarely matches up with how native Mac software works. Does it even use the Mac print dialogue? I don’t know, but if it does, I have no idea how they are changing this core behaviour and it would be very odd to do so, since that option is listed under the “Pages” heading.

Thanks, Amber. In future I’ll just copy the selected section to a blank document. It seems a kind of kludgy way for Apple to print; but then printing is the troglodyte of computing.

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