Printing all the text documents in a folder

Hello All,

I am a complete and total newbie with Scrivener.
I have a folder that contains a list of documents that make up my scene list.
(I REALLY like the corkboard view for this!)
I am trying to print the scene list and the three or four sentences of text in each as well as the metadata. In the corkboard view I can see the text and when I go into Page Setup I can select to include the metadata options.
But when I go to print only a small sample of the documents will actually print with text and none of them print with the associated metadata.
The checkbox “Include in Compile” is unchecked since I don’t want this to be part of the actual novel when I go to publish it.
Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

Thanks! :smiley:

You’re going to need to let Scrivener know that you want to use the blurb text more officially. At the moment it is showing you a preview on the index cards in corkboard as a convenience, but this isn’t data in the sense of something it would know to make use of when compiling and printing.

To get that set up, select the cards (⌘A will probably do fine here, from the corkboard) and use the Documents ▸ Auto-Fill ▸ Set Synopses from Main Text menu command (⇧⌥⌘I). The preview text will turn black, and now it is an official synopsis! You can edit these without harming the originals, to shorten them down or say whatever else you want to say.

Also note that printing from Outliner view may work better depending on what you want. If you have no intention of ending up with a bunch of index card sized pieces of paper, then the Corkboard printing layout will be a bit wasteful of paper. There are also more metadata choices available to the Outliner printing format.

A third alternative is compiling, which is the best choice if neither of the above do quite what you want. The “Outline Document” compile Format is a good starting point for example, and compile can be set to use your current selection rather than the entire Draft folder, as well as to print stuff that ordinarily wouldn’t compile, via the funnel shaped “Filter” button next to where you select from “Draft”, “Current Selection” and so forth.