Printing Binder only - as Outline ? in 2021

I need to review and revise a 4 level Binder with about 100 documents quite often. I prefer to do that kind of review in armchair off-line mode - from a printed hierarchically indented “Outline”.

I can get as far as viewing the Binder as a Column List in “Outline View” and print it unindented. Is there some (easy) way I can get that list into an indented format before printing ?

There is.

You don’t say whether you’re on Mac or Windows, but the basic process for the Mac is:

  1. Go to File > Page Setup and click on the top dropdown box to choose Scrivener.

  2. Click on the ‘Outlines’ tab and make sure that ‘Indent by level’ is ticked, then choose any other fields you want to appear. (There appears to be a visual glitch on the dialogue, but it you click on one of the other tabs then back on Outlines, it should enable you to see all the tick boxes.) Click on OK when you’re done.

  3. In the Binder highlight the top folder you want to outline (e.g. Draft / Manuscript etc) and make sure the outline is showing (toggle cmd-3)

  4. File > Print.

The Page Setup dialogue:

That should give you something like this (depending on the settings you chose in step 2):

[NB: I think the feature is available on Windows, but can’t check just at the moment. If it is available, then Step 1 and 2 should be broadly the same – the dialogues may look different but it should be obvious how they work.].

Hope this helps.

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You mention attempting to print from the outline view (as detailed above), and getting a flat list: make sure you’re selecting only the major top level item you want to print all of the descending levels for, rather than selecting multiple items at once. For example, selecting the Draft folder should produce an indented list, but selecting all of the contents of the Draft will print a flat list.

As for Windows, the only difference is that the Outliner print settings are found in the File ▸ Print Settings... command, directly, rather than going through the Mac page setup dialogue.

Alternatively to all of this is using one of the compile Formats designed for printing indented outlines, like “Enumerated Outline”. I’d say what you’re trying to do is better if you’re happy with the results it gives. If you want to change things significantly, and there aren’t checkboxes for it, then you can do all manner of things with the compiler, and that Format is a good starting point.

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