Printing cards w/ synopsis possible?

Hi and good day,

Into a new project and is printing cards w/ synopsis possible?

I’d really like to print those cards and take the scissors for better overview!

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Omar KN

Have a look at Print Setup (cmd-shift-p): there you’ll find a drop down list. Page Attributes allows you to set the size of the paper (its the normal Mac dialogue), but there’s also a Scrivener option: there you should find a series of options for printing out various elements of your project, one of which is the cork board / index cards. There are a lot of options, so it may take some fiddling, but when you’ve done, then highlight the documents you want in the binder and choose cmd-P (Print) in the normal way.

Have a look at section 2.6 in the manual (off the Help menu) for full details.


I have a weird bug. When I am trying to print index part, there is no content on them. Just the numbers.
I went through Page setup and when i go to Print Current document, the cards are blank even in the preview not to say
about the actual printed page. In reality there is a content - which I see in the corkboard view.
Could you please help me why it can happen?

Is this a condition that you can reproduce with a simple blank project test? If so it might be worth looking into your font settings (Appearance: Index Cards), or any other settings that look like they have an impact. Here is what I tried, I would suggest following these steps precisely and seeing if you get the same result:

  1. Created a new project with ⇧⌘N, and chose “Blank”.
  2. Clicked on the “Draft” folder to view the initial starting document on the corkboard.
  3. Double-clicked into the index card content area and typed in “Test”.
  4. Hit ⌘P.

I get a preview with three index card sized rectangles on a sheet of paper, with the word “Test” in the upper left corner of the first card. If you can demonstrate a different result, let me know what I should do differently from the above.