Printing comments - but linking them to their place

Hi all

I’m still really new to Scrivener, loving it, but of course struggling with the steep learning curve. And I’m noticing that just because I can’t find the answer online, doesn’t mean it can’t be found, so hoping someone can help with this:

I use the comments function. When I print my document, I seem to have three choices with the comments - suppress them entirely, include them inline, or a really strange third option which is to print them separately with no idea which comment relates to which part of the text.

What I’d like to do is print the comments separately but have them readily matched to their place in the text. The best way I can think of is to utilise the strange third option, but have a marker on the text page that corresponds to a marker on the comments page (similar to the way footnotes have a number in the text, and a corresponding number on the footnote).

I don’t believe annotations will get me any closer to what I want (and I don’t want to see the comment text in the body of my document onscreen anyway).

Can this be done?


I am not clear on what method you are using to print, but if I use the File/Compile… menu command, select “Compile for: Print”, and then click on the Footnotes & Comments compile option pane, there is only one option, print them or do not. For a little more flexibility you can switch to the Print Settings compile pane, set “Layout Type: Proofing”, and then return to the aforementioned comments pane. Now we have three export options, and you’ll find two of them work in a manner similar (endnotes might even be exactly) to your requested behaviour.