Printing Corkboard

Hi. Is there a way to print the Corkboard? Or the Outliner? This could be usefull when you work on a project for/with someone else and you want to show the person basics events of your story.

By the way, when is planned the next update of Scrivener?

The easiest way to do this is to select the synopsis checkbox in the formatting pane of the compile window. This will select the text on your index cards to be compiled… If you wish to include things such as labels and status’ also have the meta data box ticked. Then select print from the compile for drop down menu on the bottom right.

At this moment in time there is now way to print the corkboard or outliner directly from within Scrivener

It’s not a perfect solution, of course, but you could also use a third party screengrab function, such as Zapgrab2 or failing that the printscreen function from windows (use the dedicated PrtSc button on your keyboard), and paste that output into something like Paint or Word in order to print / share.

This, for example, took a couple of seconds to do with Zapgrab and paint (even if you include the extra step with MS Office Picture Manager to convert the file to a jpeg so I could post it here).

Thanks guys for your tip. I will try that.

You might want to have a look at the ‘Snipping Tool’ in Windows ‘Accessoires’ programs. It lets you select parts of the screen to save as image files. It is available in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Another way to have corkboard information printed is to compile your draft with only ‘Title’ and ‘Synopsis’ selected in ‘Formatting’ compile settings.

I want to export the contents of the corkboard to a file I can work with, word or rtf of similar. I tried compile/format/synopsis and that didn’t work any better than the other things I’ve tried over the past hour or two. I know there’s a way to do this because I’ve done it, I just forgot how.
The corkboard is just a few cards with words, nothing else.

you could try:

file > export > files > check “export meta-data”

you’ll get a bunch of txt files. now open word > insert > object > text from files (or similar, i have a japanese system) > hilight the txt files you want to work with > insert, and there you go.

works for me :slight_smile:

and hello to everybody! i am new to the forum but using scrivener for a while now.

The last few Beta versions have Outline and Corkboard print functionality readily available. You might give it a try, or wait for the new official release in few weeks time.

oh, that’s nice. thanks for the hint.

but … is it possible to change the number of printed cards per page? now i always get 3.

it would be nice to be able to change that, maybe according to the selected number of cards across?