Printing document notes

I am revising a powerpoint presentation and am doing so by

  1. Creating pdf files of each slide of the powerpoint and importing these pdf files into Scrivener; thus if there are 45 slides in the presentation, there will be 45 separate “pages” imported into Scrivener as pdfs.
  2. Reviewing each “page” and making document notes regarding problems with the slide, etc. with the intention of eventually revising each slide and its accompanying speaker notes and then making a new presentation.
  3. I want to export/print JUST the document notes so that i can send them off to a collaborator. Each document note is labelled (e.g. Slide 1) so that it will be easy for the collaborator to compare my notes with his.

PROBLEM: I cannot figure out how to print the document notes. I found a set of instructions by Hugh (Re: Printing Notes, on Aug 02, 2016 10:13 am)
He wrote: "first select (Cmd-click in the Binder) all the documents whose Notes you want to print, and select Scrivenings mode. Then open the File menu > Page Setup > Click on the drop-down menu at the top of the pane (it probably says “Page Attributes”) > Choose “Scrivener” in that menu > Click on “Options…” two-thirds of the way down the pane that’s revealed > Choose “Text Documents” in the new pane, and, under “Elements to print”, un-check everything except “Notes”. Click OK, and OK again. Then under the File menu (again), choose “Print Current Document.”

This doesn’t work.

I also tried to compile just the document notes by checking the “Notes” checkbox in the Formatting section of compile for each applicable row but that didn’t work either.

I think the problem lies in the fact that the main window contains only a pdf (i.e. it is a non-text document) and for some reason this makes prevents any associated document files from being printed.

How do I do it?

Many thanks.

Are the PDFs in the Research folder? If so, that’s the problem, as the Compile command can’t access documents from the Research folder.

I would suggest putting the notes into the body of text documents, and using Scrivener Links to connect to the associated PDFs.


Thanks for your reply. I have played around with your suggestion and it works, but for me to use the approach as I had described requires a lot of repetition of work (i.e. creating pages in the draft folder and then making links for each slide to the relevant page, and then doing my comments etc either on the page or in document notes. There are over 200 images, along with associated speaker comments. It was a pain to do it once, the thought of doing it all again is painful.) An alternative is to make an external link to the relevant powerpoint file, or to a pdf of the ppt file that also contains speakers notes, and then to click on the link, which opens it in preview, and then make any new comments, suggestions for each slide in Scrivener. It just is not as ‘neat’ as I had when everything was all together in the Research folder. By having each slide on its own page it isolates it and makes thinking about it just that much easier. Having the whole presentation available all in Preview just isn’t the same thing.
I will do some form of work-around on my own, unless you can think of another approach where I can isolate each slide.


If you only want to print the notes for each slide, wouldn’t the easiest way be to only write the notes in a separate Pages document while viewing the ppt presentation? Why bother with forcing everything into Scrivener?

I don’t like Pages; however, that simple answer is unwarranted, as the idea is a good one. I could use Word, or Nisus, or whatever. It is just that I want to keep it all together in one place.
I have developed a workaround. I make all my comments as document notes, labelled as to source, and then, when I am finished, I go through and copy them to a text folder. I can then forward the text as desired or work with my comments as I revise the slides. This keeps it within Scrivener, and I can split the window to see the slide and all the notes together.