printing from a selection

Is there any way to print the selected part of a document in Scrivener? I’d like to select some text with the mouse (for example, a new paragraph), and print it for rapid proofreading. My ideal would be to have the option with a right-click, but if it’s available anywhere on the menu I’d be interested.

I do realise, of course, that I can cut and paste text into a blank document and then delete it afterwards - I just wondered if there was a quicker way.

Have you tried open apple (command) P? It prints the current document. If you have each paragraph in a separate file, it will print only that. If you are in edit scrivenings, it will print everything included.


Hi, and thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it’s not quite what I was after.

You’re right, in that apple-P does print, but it appears to just duplicate the menu print command and print the whole document. Also, putting each paragraph into a single file would be too much overhead for writing even a short story, particularly as my paragraphs tend to be short.

Never mind. I can always cut and paste the bit I want to print. I just wondered if there was a shortcut way of doing it.

I feel your pain. I can’t edit worth a darn on screen. I need paper to do any real editing. I feel guilty about the trees but until the technology catches up to my pathetic eyesight…