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Hello, :confused:
First, thank you for a great site. I’m using Scrivner now on my second novel and love it. The problem I have at the moment is that I want to print off directly from Scrivner one chapter at a time. I then read the chapter, make corrections and enter them on Scrivner draft.
But it won’t let me. I can’t print from Scrivner. At present, I’m pasting and copying into word and then printing out. Can anyone tell me why I can’t print directly from Scrivner? I’ve tried highlighting, copying and printing selection, but it won’t even let me select ‘selection’.
I’ve tried ‘print pages 1-5’ and so on but the printer doesn’t respond. It is a brother DCP-LS2500 mono printer and working perfectly. I have no problem printing from Word.
Many thanks if you can help,

Hello Roifee,
Have you completed the tutorial? Particularly Part 3 step 16. There is no need for copy and pasting anything. You would do well to get used to compiling your work. This takes your project, or whatever part of it you wish and compiles it into a file in various formats; one of which is Word (doc and docx). You can then print that out. It is easy and a powerful tool when you get familiar with it. Printing out a chapter as you like to do is very easy.

Hello Shass,
Thank you for your reply. I’m not one-hundred-percent sure I understand your instructions, but I will go now and recap on part 3, step 16 of the tutorial as you suggest. Yes, I did go through the entire tutorial when I first got Scrivner, but I definitely don’t understand yet all of what Scrivner can do. Also, I’ve forgotten a lot of what I did know.
I’ll see how I get on and post my progress.
Many thanks,

Hello Shass,
That worked, thank you! That was an area of Scrivner I had never visited. It’s like a big city, it takes ages, perhaps years, to visit all the different parts. That just makes it all the more interesting.

Many thanks, I really appreciate your help.

It’s good that compiling did the trick, but for the record, it should be possible to print from within Scrivener. However, you can only print the current document. If that is a folder (say a chapter with several subsections), it will only print the titles and synopses of the subsections, not their contents, at least in my very brief experimentation. But if you select a document, not a folder, it should print the content of that document, with formatting. You do have to do File > Page Setup first to establish the page margins; this is definitely only a draft, not a finalized printing. You can print specific pages, but not a text selection.

Hello DavidR,
Thank you for your comment. I actually thought that as well. Some time back, with a different laptop, (an Acer) I remembered that I used to print directly from my document. A chapter at a time. But it was about two years ago. I had a time lapse between my projects. I wasn’t sure and didn’t mention it. So, although compile is working fine, it would be nice to know why I can’t just print from my document directly as I used to. I’ll try your suggestion and let you know how I get on. Might be useful for other readers and users.
Many thanks,

Hello DavidR and Shass,
Yes, that worked. Without going into compile, I was able to print from the current document by selecting ‘current document’ and clicking on number of pages and selecting 1-5 or whatever. Strange, I thought I had tried everything before I looked for help, but maybe not. So now I know both ways thanks to you and Shass, so I’m more than happy. Soon, I will be ready to compile the entire 140,000 word novel across to Word. But I’ll read up on the compile details before I try that. No doub I’ll make mistakes but I’m learning all the time.

Best regards, :slight_smile:
Roi Fee.

Glad you got it working, Roi Fee.

I needed to print the document I’m working on in the editor. I’m using v. 2.8.1 on an iMac running Sierra. Under the file menu is the option to print document. I chose that, the printer dialog for the Brother HL-L2390DW shows the correct number of pages I should get. I select double sided printing for all pages and select print. The printer processes the data from the computer but then goes back to sleep. I had to resort to going through the print sequence again. The Mac gave me an alert about adding the new print job to a reserve or going on with the current job. When I selected that option I got TWO copies of my document. Scrivener is the only program that gives me this problem. Any clues about how to get it to just print? Thanks, John

You’ve posted in the Windows forum, but the sidebar says you’re use a Mac. It would be better to post in the Mac forum.