Printing half lines

When I print from Scrivener 3 , Windows 10, some of the pages do not print the entire last line. Half the line is at the bottom of page 1 and the other half of the line prints on page 2. Any help here greatly appreciated.

Hunch is that the printer driver is corrupted or something. Trying reinstalling it.

I have a feeling that this has come up before and is font (Courier?) related.


I thank you. You are half right. Using your advice, I extrapolated. The problem was that I was using 16 point font. When I reduced it to 14 point, half lines disappeared. I use Times New Roman, so Courier may still be a problem. In any case, it is now working.
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Quick addendum. I meant to say I thank you both. Sorry for oversight. I was answering one email at a time.

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Just as a note, this is indeed a problem with the print engine that we have to try and fix on our own, and it’s difficult since a lot of that is more a matter of telling something to do a thing, and it doing it incorrectly. Stepping in and managing how it does that is the hard part.

It’s not something related to print drivers on your computer, it’s the systems that Scrivener is written with that produce this result.

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Thanks for the update.

I sure hope this gets fixed. Net being able to print clean is a huge problem. I’ve tried various methods but so far, my best way is to copy a multiple selection in Scrivenings, paste it into a text editor and clean it up… this should all be very simple.

Wht is the best way to do this?

I compile to PDF, then print that PDF. I have set Chrome as my default PDF viewer and print from it using ctrl+shft+P (not ctrl+P). Never had issues ever since.
Before that (trying to print right out of Scrivener) I had whole pages missing and whatnot.

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As I say above, it’s not at all easy for us to fix underlying issues in the print engine, so I wouldn’t cross my fingers.

That said, what you are describing sounds significantly more difficult than just switching your compile file type to one of the word processor formats, opening that file in LibreOffice, Word or whatever you prefer, and printing from there. You’ll get a better result from that in almost all cases anyway.