Printing Index Cards on Scrivener

I’ve gone into page set up and made a 3 x 5 setting but it never seems to show when I go to the print dialogue. As such it’s cutting off text on the right-hand side. I have it scaled. I am on a mac and have a canon pixma and I’m using real index cards

If you’re using standard index cards, go to File → Page Setup. Under Page Attributes, click “Manage Custom Sizes” and create a size for 5 x 3 (width is listed first). Leave scale at 100%. Then at the top, you can click the “Page Attributes” dropdown and switch to “Scrivener.” Click the Index Cards tab and you can check the options there.

Put the Main Editor in Corkboard view. Then go to File → Print Current Document. Your preview should show a notecard with a numbered title. Make sure you only have 1 page per sheet set.

thank you, I will try that!

Help Jen! I can’t get my Scrivener to print notecards at all! Even though I have the synopsis for each card, when I print, the title and synopsis appear only on the first card. The others have the entire manuscript printed on them. Please help! Thanks!

Do you have an actual synopsis in each notecard or do you have autofilled text in some cards? If the Synopsis field is blank, Scrivener will automatically populate some of the document text on the notecard. Filled text will usually be dark grey, and typed text will be black. You can also check this by having the Inspector open and clicking on a notecard. Under the Notes tab in the Inspector, does text appear under Synopsis, or is that area blank?

Thanks for asking. I have written all my own text. Still doesnt work

Hmm. Does this happen in every project, or a specific project? If you go to a different folder, does the same thing happen? Trying to narrow down if this might be a setting somewhere or if it’s something with the document setup.

Someone in Mac support at Scrivener has figured it out !! Seems I had accidentally copied and pasted text into the synopsis, which wasn’t showing up - I thought it was deleted. Thank you so much for helping, JenT!