Printing larger boards

Hi all,
I’m currently running a trial version of Scrapple. Early days, but great so far.

One area that is a show stopper for me is printing. I have a board that is too large to print on a single sheet of A4. It’ll do it but it’s too small to read. The only alternative, it appears to me, is that the program wants to print it on six pieces of paper. It only needs two. I expected the print interface to work similiarly to MS Excel, that also being a program that can be any size or shape on a single ‘board’, a scale-to-fit option for example.

I feel that I must be missing something.

Any thoughts or ideas?


There should be Scapple-related and other useful options in the Print dialog, maybe those sections are collapsed? :thinking: (Screenshot from the Mac version.)

Only the OP’s problem is that scaling down to one page makes the map too small to be legible. What they are looking for is the ability to scale down to a point where it would span just two pages.

  1. A work-around might be printing to pdf and then using Preview (Mac) to print an adjustably scaled version.

  2. For myself, I have basically decided that my elaborate mindmaps are screen-creatures by nature. There isn’t a sensible way for them to print acceptably – because page-spanning pretty much sucks for maps anyway. And for /most/ of my uses that is exactly right, I do not really need to print those things out anyway!

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You can enable guides to show where the page breaks are in the map, and they’ll move appropriately as you change the printing options.

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Thanks for the tip. I had already seen this but unfortunately it doesn’t help.

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Hiya. Good tip, gr, and I tried it, but the printing options on a PDF don’t work either. Re. your other point, I would normally agree for something small. However, for a larger project the issue is one that I find with maps as well. Sometimes you need to open up a large sheet of paper to see the bigger picture and how it all fits togethor. Micro-navigation works on screen, macro doesn’t - unless it’s a very big screen!

Hiya. I enabled page breaks, but it hasn’t changed the print options, it just tells me where it’s going to break it into six sheets.

Found this suggestion on an Apple forum:

The free approach is to install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC v2019 (or later), and open your 11x17 PDF in it. Then you can follow the instructions for using Reader’s poster capability that will generate 4 x 8.5x11 unscaled pages with cut marks, and you trim those four pages to piece together a complete 11x17 from a Letter printer. I just tested those instructions here on a single-page, 11x17 artwork.

Here is also a step-by-step for that:

Is this the kind of print control you are looking for for Scapple?

Are you on Mac or Windows?

Often you can substantially reduce the print size of the map just by moving some of the notes around. If a note is near the edge of a sheet, just moving it a little bit to the left or right might be the difference between forcing a second sheet or not.

Hiya. Wow, I really appreciate the research. But what you’re suggesting is a lot of work. I will try it out but, frankly, Scrapple should be doing this. I think I’m going to test run some other mind-mapping software.