Printing Outline and Notes

Is there a way to print the outline and notes? If not, this would be a critical feature to add. Agents and publishers always want to see outlines.

In compile, click the blue arrow button to expand the window for all the options, then select “Formatting” from the list on the left. This pane has a table of the various elements that you can compile for each document type and level, including notes (meaning document notes) and synopses. The “Outliner” preset (choose from the “Format As” popup) will give you just titles and synopsis in a basic layout; “Enumerated Outline” just uses titles but numbered hierarchically and indented per level. Either of these is probably a good place to start, and you can then add in notes by ticking the boxes in that column and adjust any formatting to be the way you want it by clicking the “Modify” button for each row in the table.

Once you have something you like, use the “Save…” button to save your custom preset so you can easily pull it up for other projects as well.

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