printing pages are off

I’ve just changed from Scrivener 2 to 3. For a few weeks. Everything was fine.

Today, when I printed a few selected pages, different pages printed out. I’m printing out the pages in “Print Current Document.”

It looks to be about 4 pages off. My front matter is probably 4 pages.

I’ve never had this problem in 2 or so far in 3. How do I get it back on track?

Sorry, what do you mean by “off”? Do you mean that the wrong documents are being printed? Could you possibly provide reproduction steps, as I cannot reproduce anything like this.

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I open my full document which is a novel. The document says it is 326 pages. I go to page 8. In the editor. I print out page 8. In the printer asking for select pages, I enter start with page 8 and end with page 8. I print out from the “Print current document.”

Page 8 prints out but the printed page starts out four lines further down than what page 8 looks like in the editor.The top three lines in the page 8 in the editor are not included on the printed page 8.

If I print out a page further into the document, say page 295, what prints out is what the editor say is 291. So it’s four pages off to what I see in the editor and want printed.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it - but in my printed pages, the type is slightly larger than was in Scrivener 2. It’s slightly larger than other writing programs that I print out at 12 courier. I thought maybe the setting was at 13. But in the editor at top it says courier regular 12.

I’ve never had this problem. When I choose a few pages to print out, they would print the same page numbers and pages as I see in the editor. This started today.

I see that in the editor it says my document is 326 pages. In the printer pull down menu when I’m selecting pages, it says the document is 322 pages. There’s a four page difference.

How can I accurately print out the pages I see in the editor?

Maybe your page setup in Scrivener does not match the printer page. You can set the page in File > Page Setup. Then if you print, make sure you use the same page dimensions. (E.g. both A4 size, or both Letter size.)

Thanks 06nH. I checked - my page setup in Scrivener is A4. My printer was US letter. I changed the printer to A4 but it did not make a difference. I changed both to US letter. It increased the page count on my document. But either way still had two different page counts - on in the printer and one in the Scrivener document. Resulting in that when I’m looking in the editor - I want to print out a few pages say 112-115. When it is printed - those pages in the editor are not printed - the printer prints other pages - a few pages off. Maybe it’s the header throwing it off? I don’t know.

Assuming you work on Mac (probably, this is the Mac forum), if you go in File > Page Setup, you get a small window. At the top is a drop-down menu that says Page Attributes. If you click and choose Scrivener, there is a host of settings you can play with.

It might be that margins are set different that what can be printed on your printer for example. You could also try turning of the header to see if that helps.

Printing may not be exactly the same as what you see in the editor, for several reasons. For instance, footnotes in the editor are shown in the Inspector but will be turned into proper footnotes for printing. Comments and annotations may be removed or drawn differently for printing, too. These are the most obvious explanation for the difference.

To work out which pages you want to print off, the best way is to go to print and then look at the print preview there before deciding on the page range to print.

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Note also that the Print Current Document command is designed to create quick draft-quality copies for your own use. It will not and is not intended to produce the kind of publication quality output that the Compile command is capable of.


Thanks for the reply, Katherine.

Yes, That’s what I use it for - printing out quickly and rewriting. I print out sections of pages several times a day. The size of the type seems slightly larger on Scrivener 3. Maybe that’s it? I don’t know. I don’t have any footnotes - no notes at all. Just text. I thought of the header - but I had a header/page numbers before.

What’s odd - I printed out in Scrivener 2 for 2 1/2 years with no problem. I printed the pages I saw in the editor and they printed out accurately. As they were doing for the last few weeks with Scrivener 3. But after the long weekend - suddenly on Monday - it wasn’t in sync. I’m not aware of me changing any settings.

For me to have to open the pages in the preview while printing out and searching for the pages in a different break (as was suggested) to me is an annoyance and waste of time to do it several times a day. I’m mostly a screenwriter - I don’t know of any screenwriting program that would print out pages differently than what you see not on screen. They would never even have that possibility.

Anyway, maybe I can figure it out… Or I might just reinstall the program.


Hmm, that’s strange if there are no footnotes or anything else that are different in print. Is it possible to send us a copy of the project (zipped up) with instructions on how to see the issue straight away (presumably just go to Print and look at a preview)? You can zip the project up and send it to AT This might give me a clue as to what is going on. (Mark it for my attention so that it gets to me quickly.)

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Yes, I’ll send you a file (when I figure out how to make a zip file).

But what I now notice is that in the editor, before folder breaks - which are chapters and chapter headings - the editor shows the rest of the page in the scene before the new chapter as blank. It could be almost a whole page or small portion of a page. The editor shows the physical page that’s left before the new chapter heading. In the print preview, it shows no blank page like that. There are a few lines before and after the new chapter. But it’s not like it looks in the editor.

This may be the reason for the cumulative difference in page count through the script.

Is there a way to set the print preview or print current document settings to be the same as the editor - to show all the space on the page? I don’t know how this could have been re-set.

I’m not quite sure I understand your description there, I’m afraid. I think it’s definitely best to send the project. To zip it up, simply Ctrl-click on it in the Finder and select ‘Compress “MyProjectName.scriv”’. Then email us the zip file.