Printing the Binder

Is there a way to simply print the complete list of documents as it appears in the binder window, either with or without color coding? This would be particularly helpful in order to print a list of all my character names, who each have their own document, although I don’t necessarily need the documents, just the long list of names in the character folder. I want to have them on a piece of paper to refer to separately.

If this isn’t do-able, I’d like to request it as a future feature.


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You can select items in the binder, hit cmd-C (with the binder selected) and paste into a text editor and print there - copying and pasting binder items into a text editor pastes a list of titles. That’s probably the simplest way - you can use Compile for this sort of thing, but that won’t work with the Characters folder. This is quick and easy, though - just select, copy, paste into TextEdit, print from TextEdit, close the document and don’t save it in TextEdit, done.

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Oh, Thank you. I never thought of doing that in the binder.