Printing without project name and / or date

As far as I can see, presently it is not possible to print a document with page numbering, but without project name and / or date. Sometimes, however, this could be desirabile. Would it be an idea to add this as an option?

This would be convenient. Often Scrivener’s built-in formatting possibilities are more than adequate for for what I need to print, so it is a pity to have to export to RTF simply to get page numbers only.

Unless there is a way to do this that I haven’t found.

I do not know what you mean.

If you go to File > Print, you will get page numbers and the document title. This print is just for rough drafts and is not intended for any special formatting.

If you go to File > Export Draft and select “Print”, you have more control over the header and can indeed print off with page numbers but no header.

This behaviour will not change, as Scrivener is not a page layout program or full word processor.

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Didn’t know this option, which is more than sufficient for my needs. Scrivener is an incredibly rich application, full of unexpected and always very welcome features.

Thanks, Keith!

“Unless there is a way to do this that I haven’t found.” :blush:

I can only second Timotheus’ remarks.


Glad that helps. :slight_smile:

Going to File Print does not print a page number for me, just a filename and data and time with a slash at the end. For editing on the go I just want to do a quick and dirty print but page numbers are essential.

This is a known bug in the new beta - please see the thread in Technical Support (or is it Bug Hunt). (Note that beta bug reports should really be reported in the thread in the Beta Testing forum, but everybody seems to have given up on this… :slight_smile: )