Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid suddenly doesn’t like British spelling of words and flags them as incorrect, helpfully suggesting that I use American spelling. I think there’s a certain irony here…

My settings are most definitely set to British English. Anyone else experienced this bug?

Same here when checking on a Word doc. I did double check that the language in it was set to British English correctly. Mine flags as “UK Spelling”. The PWA language is set to British English as well. Looks like a bug to me (seems to be ignoring the language setting in the app).

PWA Everywhere has been also flaky for quite a while now.

I find that I have to click a suggestion twice to get it to disappear in Scrivener, which is new. I sent a video about this to PWA.
Have windows 11 pro and 64 gigs of ram, so that should not be an issue.

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think they’ll want to get that fixed up right away, as PWA is or at least was a very definitely UK company, if I recall…

Yes that’s the irony. A UK spelling software, telling a British user that UK spelling is incorrect…

I raised it with PWA support but they weren’t sure when it might get fixed. I also find PWA everywhere on Mac is anything but ‘everywhere’. Doesn’t work in Ulysses for a start and that’s hardly an unknow bit of software.