Problem compile index epub

Hi, there!

Hope someone can help me, tech support scrivener just answered me without resolving the issue.
It is easy to explain. I want to compile my book which have 10 folders (and one document text inside for each folder), but when I am doing it, the index is wrong. The titles are not chapter one, chapter two… Instead of that, the titles are the name of the document which is included in the folder.

Funny thing, everything was fine until by mistake I checked or unchecked one box, like two weeks ago.
Attached is a screenshot (spanish) of the compile menu. And a screenshot of the menu of the book ePub, so you can check how titles of index have the same name as the documents text. I want to have Chapter 1, Chapter 2…


To do with the page breaks?

I think you need to page break the text files, not the folders. Could try one to see if it makes a difference before changing them all.

thanks, man. Staff gave the solution. It was in panel Formatting, check the box “title”. cheers