Problem compiling using default converter

Hi L&L,

I’m using Scrivener 3.1.5 on Mac 10.15.2. It’s been working fine until today. I was trying to compile to odt and it says cannot create file using the default converter. I agreed to use alternative converter. The result is that all the custom styles have been lost, which my workflow heavily relies on.
I’m wondering if this has to do with the 3.1.5 update. It used to work well.
I’m at the final stage of PhD. Any suggestion will be appreciated!

UPDATE. I downgraded Scrivener to 3.1.4. Problem still occurred.

Problem solved. I incrementally added the documents included in compilation and finally narrowed down to a single document that caused the compilation failure.

The problem is this:
In Scrivener (at least of my version), in-line comments associated with texts in table cells are not supported for compilation to odt.

Apparently this is new, as that document was last modified several months ago. But I could be wrong. Perhaps the last time I compiled the project I did not select include in-line comments.

Hope this would be useful to someone else.

Word and LibreOffice both support in-line comments on texts in table cells. It’s quite a handy feature. I’m not sure why my copy of Scrivener suddenly doesn’t want to compile for those. My guess is that I tweaked some settings that unintentionally broke it.

I can live without it for the moment. But L&L could you please suggest what the relevant settings are?

Thanks heaps!