Problem Downloading legacy 1.2 Scapple on Win 7 Laptop

I have been using Scapple since Version 1.2 on Win 7 then upgraded to Version 1.4 when I got a new Win 10 laptop. I just downloaded the latest version of 1.2 on my old Win 7 laptop, but the 50 mb file Scapple-legacy-installer.exe will not install.

It opens a small screen and stops.

Is there a way to get it to install the old version?

Something to consider is that the main reason Win 7 support was dropped was on account of unreliability with the activation platform (and thus did not impact everyone, particularly those that were able to activate before as that doesn’t go away under normal conditions). That’s going to be a problem with this older legacy version as well. In other words, since neither is technically supported, the only reason to use it in your case is if the older machine is 32-bit. So if it is not, you might as well try the modern version.

Otherwise I don’t know what is going on. I don’t have Windows 7 to really test that, but the installer downloads, runs and successfully installs Scapple 1.2 on Win 10.