Problem importing text files produced by iA Writer Pro

Hi, I use iA Writer Pro for note taking. Their app uses markdown syntax, but they have four file extension types (.note, .md, .edit and .read), all of which actually represent text files in different states. When I attempt to import these files into Scrivener, the only files that can be imported are the .md files. If I try to drag and drop the files into Scrivener, the .md files are imported but the other files are seen as resource files, not text.

I asked iA Writer Pro’s developer and he said:

“We offer the appropriate UTI file definitions to allow other apps to open these files. If Scrivener is handling these files differently than plain text, they will need to add these filetypes. There is nothing more we can do from our end.”

Any assistance on how I might get this to work? I don’t know what a UTI file definition.


If you can save as .md from iA Writer Pro, and if you can import .md files into Scrivener, what is the problem? I am a little confused. :unamused:

If all of these other files (.notes etc.) are plain-text files, then what you want to do is go into the Import/Export preference pane, “Plain Text Import Types” tab, and add these extensions to Scrivener’s list of files it considers to be simple text. There is no need to mess with UTIs.

Thank you AmberV - that worked.