Problem inserting symbol from charater map

I cannot insert an ‘equal to or greater’ symbol into the editor from the character map. Have rebooted , opened a project and the character map, selected the symbol, copy, gone to the edit window and pasted what appeared as a square followed by a beta symbol and the number 3. Paste and match style gives a question mark.

I am using Version: Beta (1204128) 64-bit - 17 Feb 2021 on a Win 10 PC.


Instructions here say to double-click the character before copying it.

Thank you MajorBob,
Your comment has helped steer me in the right direction. I was trying to use the symbol from the Symbol font set but was using Sitka text. It works now that the correct font set was chosen.

On the Mac, the character map equivalent has no font choices, which I think implies one of a few possibilities:

a) macOS doesn’t allow symbols that aren’t supported by all Mac fonts, or
b) macOS doesn’t allow fonts that don’t support all the symbols, or
c) pasting from the symbol viewer automatically brings with it a compatible font

Regardless, why does Windows show you a symbol you can’t use in the selected font?

It’s nice not having to worry about selecting a font.