Problem inserting text after table

I’ve been starting many documents with tables recently. Here’s what I find: when I insert a table at the top of the document, I have a hard time getting out of the table to add regular text afterwards. When I click below the table (hoping to put the text insertion cursor there) the cursor jumps inside the last cell of the table. No amount of clicking or tabbing gets me out of the table.

Similarly, if I create the table first, and then realize that I want to add normal text above the table, there is no way to get the cursor to jump out of the table to put text above.

The only way around this problem is to create the text first (or, at least, to hit return a couple of times when I first open the document) and then insert the table above or below it.

Hi Penny,

Indeed, the only way of doing this is to add returns at the end of the document before entering the table. Unfortunately this has long been a bug in the OS X text system (you’ll find the same issue in TextEdit).

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Got it. Thanks.

I found a trick. Add a couple of blank lines right above the Table. Then copy and paste the table above those blank lines. Presto, you can write below it. (I had created a template with a table, used it a lot, and needed a way of fixing this without having to recreate every document with that template. I fixed the template as well. No more problems.)

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