Problem keeping default font consistent

Here’s my issue: I am using Minion Pro Display as my default font (selected in Preferences / Formatting / Main Text Style and as the Preset for Body Text under Formatting), but when I type some text in italics (i.e. in Minion Pro Italic) and then release italics to return to my default style, Scrivener reverts to a slightly different version of the font (Minion Pro Caption, which happens to be the first version of the font to show up in the ‘Fonts’ window) and I need to manually bring up the proper default font. Anyone know how to make sure I revert to the correct version of the font each time? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I’ve run into this with a few fonts as well, some have issues selecting the correct boldface if there are multiple types for instance. I’m not aware of any tricks for making things better other than to disable the extra fonts in Font Book—maybe modifying the fonts with a tool like FontForge, but that’s a long winding road to a solution.

While you are in Font Book, you might notice it gets confused as well. At least for me, Caption is shown as the principle variant when selecting Minion Pro as a category. TextEdit has issues as well.

Thank you AmberV! It’s very good to know that this is an issue others have experienced too, and not something caused by a basic mistake I am making.