Problem of compiling scrivener to word

when I compile my document from scrivener to microsoft word, the text space becomes very small and the text immense (also the header text). The weird thing is that according to microsoft word the text is set in Times new roman 12, but it obviously is much larger. I cannot recall doing anything to make this happen before compiling and previously I didn’t have this problem. Can you tell me what I need to do to avoid this problem?

Is this a matter how much you’ve zoomed the text in Word? If it says it is 12pt, that is all it can be, it can’t be that and also much larger at the same time. But you can zoom the display so that 12pt looks gigantic.

dear Amber, thank you for your answer. Naturally, that is the first thing that I checked and it is not the issue. The problem is, once more summarized: After compiling the margins of the word document become very wide and the fonts (including the header font) also. Maybe it helps to understand what is the issue if I tell about the difference in the number of pages in scrivener for this part of the text and in word. In scrivener: 253 pages, in word: 1345. Does it help if I send some screenshots that I made with my laptop? Thank you for looking into this matter, I hope to solve the issue.

Can it be the case that even though I selected manuscript times and wanted to compile in a microsoft word format, it used the format ePub? I have used that one previously but now changed the settings. However if I look at the strange sizes in the word docx, they kind of remind me of the sizes of an ePublication. But that does not solve the issue of the strangely enormous header text

If you could extract 1-page of the DOCX file that shows the problem, and upload it here, that would help. Next step would be to start providing screen shots of your compiler settings that the experts here could inspect and advise.

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Yeah, agreed with the above. This is one of those things where, outside of obvious things like zoom being different, it is impossible to speculate given the millions of permutations of variables going on in both Word and Scrivener. Extremely detailed descriptions are necessary, but more often what is better is some kind of live sample, such as a single-page project with your compile settings in it (sounds like stock Manuscript Times though?) would go a very long way toward giving us some clues.


dear MariekeB,
looks like I had a similar problem with the compiling into word. My problem is:

  • not the correct amount of lines on the pages
  • spacing between characters are different, so the hyphenation was somewhere but not at the end of the line
  • header and footer are not matching
    Long story short, it doesn’t look like my PDF Compile, which is clean.

Then I converted the PDF-File with a tool into a Word-File and that worked much better. From a first look, it is just the Chapter Heading which is in a different Font-Style, but that’s easy to handle. All the other stuff looks very clean, same page amount, etc.

I know, it’s not the way it should work, but that’s my workaround for today. You can give it a try if you like.

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Compiling to RTF also a good way to then get Microsoft Word to import then save as DOCX. But the OP has some basics issues that are difficult to impossible to comment on without more evidence.

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