Problem on Converting an old project to Scrivener 3

Let me start by stating that I am probably an exceptional issue, since such a bug would be easily detected before release. My project is in Greek. Text is nowhere to be found and I also see no pictures being transfered.
I can always do a huge and time consuming copy - paste, I really don’t mind, but if there is an easy fix for this, I would gladly listen.
Thank you for your time and sorry for posting an issue before giving you any positive feedback. Once I port my project to 3 I will do so.

All known cases of converted projects missing text are due to unfortunate interactions with antivirus software: the software decides Scrivener is bad, and refuses to allow it to access your data.

Please disable your anti-virus software, reinstall, and try again. Does that help?


Actually no. It doesn’t, But I got good news. After installing the new patch, it worked like a charm, so I am really happy.