Problem pasting images from Substack into Scrivener [RC11]

I’m archiving a post at Substack, and can’t find a way to paste the included image. All I get are weird symbols.

Copy-pasting the whole piece doesn’t work. Copying the image itself (Copy Image) and pasting it doesn’t work. Dragging and dropping the image doesn’t work.

Here’s the post, if it matters, though I think this problem is general.


When I tried this in Edge Chromium, I got the same results. Performing the same steps in Firefox resulted in the image pasting as expected.

This is an expansion of the existing bug regarding clipboard issues with Chromium-based browsers.

Two workarounds until this bug gets dealt with:

  1. Paste from a browser that isn’t based on Chromium.
  2. Save the image as a file to your local drive first, then paste that into Scrivener.

Thanks, Devin. I pasted from Firefox. Everything came over but the image. In its place were a set of odd symbols that looked like the last four characters of weird HTML code.


That’s really strange. I tested on Edge Chromium, Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Edge and Chrome displayed the bug you mentioned, Firefox and IE were a clean copy. Maybe clear out your clipboard and try it again from Firefox (or see if you have any plug-ins in Firefox that might be meddling with the clipboard process?)