problem sharing project from MAC to PC with flashdrive


I am working with a Mac user. When he saves to flash drive and I try to open on my PC Scrivener opens a new project folder or tutorial. the attachment project .scriv does not appear in the folder.

Is it because he is saving from Scriv ? Should he get out of Scriv and save from Internet Explorer as someone on the Mac board suggested ?

The flash works fine going from my PC hard drive to the flash and back again

Any ideas?

Thanks much

Are you saying that nothing the Mac user is putting on the thumb drive is appearing when you plug it into a PC? Have you tested with stuff other than Scrivener projects? There would be no fundamental difference between a project folder and any other files; nothing to make it so that saving files/folders from Scrivener would not appear where other files would.

If nothing is showing up, it could be an issue with their computer. I wonder if they can even see the files they put on the thumb drive on their own computer, after unplugging it and plugging it back in?

Also, what filesystem has the thumbdrive been formatted to? Macs don’t handle NTFS very well out of the box (just as PCs don’t handle the native Mac disk format), so if that is what you used to format it, FAT32 would be a better option.

We don’t even have Internet Explorer on the Mac, so I’m not sure what that is in reference to. They might have referred to “Finder”, which is the Mac’s equivalent of Windows Explorer, for file management. That is an option, yes, but it’s not necessary. There should not be any noticeable difference between using Scrivener to create files on a thumb drive, and using the system’s file manager.

What the MAC user put on the thumb drive shows up but when clicked on opens as “new project” file on my PC. And the folder project.scriv does not appear just File, Quick Looks, and Settings.

Thumb drive works fine saving from my PC to Flash drive.and then opening from Flash drive with my PC

Someone on the MAC board had a similar problem but eventually it got solved, but she was just not clicking on project.scriv and as I said our problem seems to be that folder does not appear.

Any ideas are welcome. Maybe we are missing something somewhere.


It’s very strange that they have only copied the inside of the project and not included the project.scriv folder. On a Mac it is difficult to do that because the whole project.scriv folder just looks like a file. It pretends to be a file in every way. You have to specifically execute a special command to get inside of it and see the folder contents. I can’t imagine they are going through all of that trouble to copy it that way, when it so clearly otherwise is interacted with as an individual “file”. It’s much easier to make this mistake from Windows, where one might think the “project.scrivx” file is the whole thing, and neglect to include the Files and Settings folders. You can’t even see these files and folders, on a Mac—hence why it is strange.

Well, at any rate, I would advise them to (a) make sure the project is closed before copying it—that goes for you as well, and (b) just drag the whole “project.scriv” onto the thumb drive. There is no need to try and drag only pieces of it. They should then examine what they have copied to the thumb drive and make sure it is actually a Scrivener project.