Problem with Bold, Italics, Underline

I’ve tried what steps I thought were logical, but I cannot seem to find where to enable this.

I am unable to apply bold or italics or underline to my text while editing. When I press the button on the toolbar, it changes colour, but my text is unaffected.


All of these things work exactly the same as in any other word processor - the same as in Word, Pages and so on. If you turn on bold using the button in the format bar without any text selected, then it affects typing (type and it will be in bold); to apply bold to existing text, select it before hitting the button. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts, of course (cmd-b, cmd-i, cmd-u) etc.

Hope that helps.

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I apologise, I was not correct in my post.
It seems just italics isn’t working.

I noticed the font you are using is Lucida Grande, this font doesn’t have an italic variant available to it, so the software doesn’t know what to do with it when you tell it to select the italic version. You can confirm this by pulling down the “Regular” menu beside the font face selection and noting it just has bold. Underline is something that can be applied to a font after it is designed, so that should always work. Are you using Lucida for the extended Unicode support? If so you might try going with Helvetica—not that it has as broad a support as LG, but OS X will switch you to a font that supplies the glyph you want on the fly, and Helvetica looks enough like LG that it won’t stand out as awkward when that happens.

Oh good call.
Thank you both for your responses. Incredibly helpful. :slight_smile:

Ah, I didn’t think of that - yes, some fonts don’t support italics. Glad you got it sorted!
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