Problem with Compile to pdf. (Mac/Scrivener 3)

On Scrivener 3 for Mac, I am preparing an anthology of short stories by different authors and each section and story is listed by name only in the left hand bar - which automatically replicates itself as a title in Synopsis.

Within each story I have the Title and Author on separate lines, each formatted as Heading 1. and Heading 2. When I ‘compile’ to pdf, the Table of Contents creates itself as I would wish BUT the Synopsis header is showing above the Headings at the top of each story, duplicating the Heading 1. that I want. I can’t seem to work out how to get rid of it! I have tried deleted the title in the synopsis which certainly removes the extra title from each story but results in the Toc showing a list of blank titles. Please could anyone help?


While the editor is showing one of those stories, go to the metadata panel of the inspector on the right side.
General Metadata, second division : Check what section type it is set as. Note that down.

In the compiler panel, double click the compile format you are compiling with in the list on the left. (Click Duplicate and Edit, if prompted to.)
Section Layouts panel. From the list at the top, find the one layout that is assigned the section type you previously noted down. (That assignation is stated in the little inbetween section just below that top list.)
Uncheck the “Title” checkbox from the list for the one section layout that matches what you noted down.
Save and exit. Test compile.

Hi Vincent

Thank you for your speedy response. I couldn’t see a ‘Title’ in the sections layout for ‘scene’ which is what I’m using, the nearest was ‘Titled Section’ so I unchecked that. Which had the effect of losing the titles of all the stories in the Toc and replacing them with ‘untitled document.’ But it DID shift the extra title from the actual story pages! Progress but a different issue to work out now!

Kind regards.

If you now properly title your documents in the binder, that should do it for you. (?)
Or was it already done ?

If I had access to my main computer I would have been willing to look at your compile format (but I can’t), my point being that there might be some placeholder(s) involved (??)
It is hard to accurately figure what is what without seeing it, but if your documents are already titled, I have to admit I am confused that they now go as “Untitled document”.

I think you should go back in the compile format.
In your “scene” layout.
Look in the tabs in the bottom half (prefix, title options/prefix - suffix) and see if there is a placeholder the likes of <$parenttitle> or anything that seems to refer to a title.
Remove it and undo unchecking “title” for your “Titled section” layout.

[EDIT] On second thought, there is just no way this right above could be it.

Thank you again. I’ve kludge-fixed it by deleting the auto-generated story titles in the Toc and typing them in by hand, leaving the dynamic numbering well alone and this has worked.
I am SO grateful for your advice and next time (if there ever IS a next time) I work on something like this I must be more meticulous in how I set things up at the beginning. Bit of a newbie here, but getting there.
Huge appreciation for your knowledge and advice.

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Glad I could help.
But I am certain there is a better way this could have been done.
Not sure my advice was that good.

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Well, it got me out of a hole, so I’m more than happy you were there!

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