Problem with Corkboard View or Perhaps with Templates

I am using Scrivener 3.0 to take notes for a book that I am writing. In my Binder, I have two different Folders for two different types of information. I created twoTemplates for the two different types of information. BothTemplates has a Heading & below that a main section for my notes. In this main section my Template has brief descriptors (for example: “Name,” “Date,” “Facts,” & “Results”) On one of the Folders, it is working how I want. When I open the Folder & use Corkboard view, I am able to see my various notes written as I desire. On the other folders, when I use Corkboard view, what I see is the Heading for my various notes & in the main section all I see are the brief descriptors as they appear on the Template version. The Templates for both Folders are stored in the Template Folder & both have a little “T” on the icon & for both Folders to create a new note, I click on the respective Folder & then go to the “Project” Menu & select the item “New From Template.” Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks, Gail

I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time following what it is you are describing, and further what it is you would like to have done differently. It might help to post a screenshot showing a card the way you want it to appear, and another the way it is presently showed. You can set up a concise screenshot by Cmd-clicking on both of your folders so the corkboards are stacked, then within the corkboard area, Cmd-click two different cards and hit the Spacebar to open the selected cards into the current editor—thus creating a small ad hoc corkboard for just these cards.

It kind of sounds like you’re saying some of your templates are showing a static Synopsis while others are showing a preview of the main text editor content—if so, do you see a colour difference between the two? Are some black and others grey? If so the black ones have an actual Synopsis, and therefore your original template probably has this synopsis on the card.

Otherwise, like I say, I don’t really know what is wrong about showing the heading and the descriptors from the main text content (assuming you’re leaving the cards blank and looking at the placeholder text), if that is what you mean.

As a complete aside, check out the Documents ▸ Default Template for Subdocuments menu. If you select your folder and assign a particular template to it, then when you create new items within that folder they will automatically use the template. That’ll save you a of travel to the Project menu!

I am not sure what I did originally to create the problem - - but I created a New Folder, a New Template & re-entered the material. Fortunately it was only notes about 10 items. This time I did not have the same problem. :smiley: