Problem with dark mode theme

I’ve run into a problem with Scriv (64 bit) running on Win 10. Has to do with themes (out of the box themes, no customization).

If I select “dark mode” theme, I end up with whole chapters and sections of chapters using a “dark” font on the dark background. So, can’t read it unless I change the font for those areas to “white”. But if I change the font to white, then the fonts are all messed up if I go back to the default theme (and probably if I compile it, but not tested that).

If I go back to the default theme, everything is fine (unless I changed the font to white ; )

Note that I move back and forth from a Mac to Windows (using the approved dropbox method).

I have no issue with the Mac, but I’m not changing the theme on the Mac. Just using “dark” under appearance (which doesn’t appear to be available on the Windows version).

Any ideas on how to fix this? If I had an appearance/dark option in Windows, I’d just use that.

Hmmm? Tried to upload a screen shot, but not sure that worked. I’ll try and add one to a “reply”. Ooops. Nope it worked.



Hi Orrn, and sorry to hear you’re having issues with the color of the text.

I suspect that at some point, some of the text that has the wrong coloring was either given an actual text color or copied and pasted into this project from another source. That tends to be the cause of these issues.

If you click into one of the documents with this issue and use the Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting command, does that correct the issue?

In the panel that opens, I suggest leaving all the boxes unticked.

Also, this command can be destructive, so you can right-click on an affected document and use the “Duplicate” command to make a copy of it. Then, you can test the duplicate.

That should restore all text to the default formatting and font color used in the File > Options > Editing > Formatting global settings in Scrivener. Leaving all the text without a specific font color should have it change as needed based on the theme.

Sounds like a plan. I’ll give that a try and let you know the results.



I had opened the project on my Mac (in order to see the font) and done a couple hours worth of work. When I opened it back up in Windows in order to test your solution, the issue had resolved itself (at least, from the areas I again checked).

But I will hold onto your solution in case I run into it again in the future. This is not the first time I’ve seen the issue, but it seemed to impact more of the project so I decided to ask for help.

All that said, Scrivener for Windows and Mac is something that I couldn’t write without. And my books (not all are published) are way past the word count of all the Game of Throne books, so I’ve put your product through some extensive usage.

Thanks again,