Problem with Edit-Cut

Edit-Copy works as it should. Edit-Cut, however, seems to cut selected text, but to paste text that has been copied or cut earlier. It is so unreliable that I now copy everything and after I move it, go back and cut the original text. Anything I am doing wrong? Using 3.1.1 (9852) on late 2016 MacBook Pro running OS 10.14.1.

Very strange! Do you use any external pasteboard managers? Cut, Copy and Paste are all handled by the system rather than by Scrivener itself. Scrivener puts data on the pasteboard when the system asks it to and pastes it in when requested, but the mechanisms are handled by Apple’s code. This seems to be very specific to your system, too, since we’ve had no other reports of it, which is why I’m thinking there must be an external factor (such as a pasteboard manager app) involved.

All the best,

Thanks Keith, I don’t think I have any pasteboard managers. Let me pay even more attention and see if I can capture exact sequences in which it happens. If I can, I will get back to you. Best, Jeff