Problem with mulit-select and drag of keywords?

This post applies to the beta 026 version.

In Keywords for characters; concatenated searches; rel. clients, I said:

However, I just noticed that the multiple select doesn’t seem to behave properly if one of the keywords is already applied.

Example: My scene already had the character keyword applied. I needed to apply the location and plot keywords. Since character, location, and plot were already multi-selected from the previous application, I just dragged all three over, curious what it would do when it found that the character keyword was already assigned.

I expected it to ignore the duplicate or add it twice. I saw inconsistent handling.

First time: It just wouldn’t add the keywords at all. I dragged them in manually, then tried it with another scene.

This time it did not apply the location, but did apply the plot, and ignored the duplicate character keyword.

(I should mention again that I’m using hierarchical keywords and that when I say that I assigned a character keyword, I’m really saying that I assigned the keyword Char Marie, which is a child keyword to the keyword Character.)

I should also add that this is a minor bug. The workaround, of course, is to drag over one keyword at a time, or to delete the existing keywords first.