Problem with Table

I have a problem with a simple 2 column table.
When I write, and print, the 1st character of my text is always very very near to the column border, is possible to have a little space between my column border and my text?

Have you tried using the tab function on the ruler?

Try this:

  • Highlight your table (or rather, the text in the table).
  • select Format / Text / Spacing…
  • increase the Left, Right and First Line indentations (try 0.02 inches)
  • OK
  • OK again when you’re asked ‘Do you want to apply paragraph indentation’

If you add new rows to your table, you’ll have to do this again to change the format in the new rows.

Scrivener has limited control over tables, though it does seem to preserve the formatting of tables that are created in .rtf format in other programs and pasted into Scrivener.