Problem with User Manual

When I open Scrivener I see the User Manual in editable version and in pdf version. When I try to open this pdf-version, the pdf viewer (qpdf) crashes. How could be solved this issue? Where could I change the viewer (for I don’t know whether this is a problem only with qpdf or a problem with all the pdf-viewers). My platform is Ubuntu 14.

Thanks for your attention.

Are you saying that our PDF crashes the built-in viewer in Scrivener, or is this just some random PDF viewer that you’re having troubles with (I’m assuming other PDFs work fine with it). That’s a little odd either way, as I just use stock pdflatex to create the user manual PDFs—and they are fairly basic at that. No fancy Adobe features or anything, I don’t even touch the PDF with Acrobat, it’s very vanilla.

The viewer I use is qpdf. It goes fine with all the pdfs, in general. But when is activated by the Scrivener app, in order to open the User’s Manual, so it crashes. My Linux platform is Ubuntu 14.04, with Unity.

Thanks for your attention.

Okay, so if you open the user manual PDF directly, with qpdf, instead of using the Help menu, does it work there?

What does mean “directly”? I open it from the window where it appears beside the tutorial. Clicking on it. Is there another way?

Excuse me. I understand now: The qpdf crashes in both ways, from help menu and from the place I was referring to in my prior post.

…In fact, when I intend to open it from the window at the begining, crashes qpdf and Scrivener to. When it is only from help-menu, crashes only qpdf.

Ah, sorry, I was not clear. When I mean directly, I mean opening the PDF file itself off of the disk, using the command line, user interface, qpdf’s File/Open… menu (assuming it has one), or whatever is easiest for you—rather than routing your request through Scrivener.

In short, reduce complexity, open the PDF as simply as possible, straight in the software, and if it still crashes then we know it is a problem with the PDF (or more likely, with qpdf and some setting I use). If it opens fine, then we know it is potentially a problem with whatever mechanism Scrivener uses to send file-open requests to the desktop environment you are using.

Hope that makes more sense.

Well, but how could I have direct access to the manual?

I am not sure where the PDF is located on Linux, probably somewhere typical like /usr/local/lib, though. Or just dpkg -L the .deb.

No, I just discovered it in “/usr/share/scrivener/bin/resources” (in Ubuntu). And I have opened it without problems (the A4 version has crashed only once by exiting). The problem I have is, in conclusion, only when the pdf is opened from within the app.

Okay, thanks for the help!