problems editing Scrivenefiles on Dropbox from 2 computers

I recently started using Dropbox, which some may know about. You can synchronize files on various computers through a Dropbox account, which keeps your files on a web server and automatically updates the master copy on the server with copies on a Dropbox folder on each of your computers. It’s a great service and works really well with all of my files–except Scrivener files. When I save a Scrivener file to my Dropbox folder on one machine, sometimes the file ends up on the other machine with the new writing entries missing. Basically the file I’m maintaining is a journal, with daily entries, and sometimes the newer entries don’t make it to the other machine. I’m wondering if the explanation for this might be that the Scrivener document files is actually a package of separate .rtf files? Any thoughts or is anyone else doing something similar with Dropbox or another file synchronization service?

This is a very frequently discussed topic. The summary is be very careful. And make sure you only have edits occur on one systems at a time.

If you search for dropbox you should find plenty of detailed answers. Look for ones by AmberV. Few here question her prowess. I have a few posts, but EVERYONE with a brain questions my answers.

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I suggest you start by reading through the sticky topic at the top of this particular forum:

which is specifically about using Scrivener with external drives, and the issues that can arise.

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