Problems Highlighting Text in Scrivener on M1 MacBook Air

I’m having problems highlighting/selecting text in Scrivener by clicking and dragging using the touchpad on my new M1 MacBook Air. I have no problems selecting text in this way with other programmes, such as Pages, so this seems to be a problem specific to Scrivener on the M1 Mac.
Any ideas as to how to resolve this issue?

What’s your Scrivener version? The latest is 3.2.2, and that update had several Big Sur compatibility fixes, so that’s the first thing to check.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Silverdragon. That’s the version I’ve got.

Well, foo. Hope someone comes along with a better idea, then.

I’d certainly start with a reinstall of the software, just to make sure there is nothing damaged with the copy you have at the moment. There isn’t anything special in Scrivener that would get in the way of something as rudimentary as click and drag.

I’d check other kinds of drag and drop, like moving items around in the binder, and selecting text in the Synopsis field or Snapshots pane, etc. I would also check TextEdit, which is way closer to how Scrivener works than Pages.

I don’t know if it helps, but I find I have trouble clicking and dragging in the Finder on my 2020 MacBook Air running the latest Big Sur. This is also true in Scrivener. I’m away from my Mac right now, but I believe it’s the latest version for Mac. So, perhaps a hardware problem?

I’m having no issues at all.

I’d follow @AmberV s suggestion and delete then reinstall Scrivener. Though not directly involved with the support side of AppleCare at the time of my recent retirement, I did try to keep abreast of developing issues. Individual app issues with trackpad don’t ring any bells.

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I’m having the same problem with highlighting text, using MacOS Catalina on a 2020 13"MacBook Air. My Scrivener text won’t highlight UNLESS I have just done a “save.” I’m reluctant to delete and then reinstall Scrivener, as I don’t know how to do that…

To reinstall, go to the Applications folder, find, delete it, then go to Literature & Latte and download/install the newest version. That’s if user interface settings are not the problem. If they are, go to Scrivener->Reveal Application Support in Finder to find things you can delete before reinstalling.