Problems in Simplified Chinese version

I bought Scrivener 3.1.1(Windows ver.) several days ago, and was happy that it could be set to Simplified Chinese.

However, there are still many problems in translation, which greatly affect the user experience.

For example, “characters count” is translated into “person”(btw, when will it support Chinese character counting), “preferences/options” is translated into “choices and actions”, “outline” is translated into “knockout”, “cork board” is translated into “coral board”, etc. Worst of all, the “sync” option even contains bad AD urls.

In addition, there are a lot of format problems such as the mashup of Chinese and English, the mashup of Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinses, and the incorrect use of punctuation marks in annotations. It is hard to imagine that an expensive copyrighted software doing such a bad job at translation.

I’m not sure whether it is because I activated the application from the trial version that caused this problem, but reinstalling from the link in the receipt mail dose not fix it.

I notice that similar questions had been raised on the forum in the past few years and I wonder whether there is any progress or solution? Should I wait for a patch or refund directly?

Hi Macey,

We can’t guarantee a timeline on any updates to the program, so if the Simplified Chinese translation issues make the program unusable for you at present, go ahead and email us for a refund (you have 30 days after purchase to request one).

I know I’ve seen the translation issue and ads reported previously, so I’m sure these are being worked on, but thank you for bringing them to our attention again.


Hi Jen,

Thanks for your reply.

I have submitted a refund application. Scrivener is a good software overall, but translation mistakes that appear in core functions do annoy me and can not support my writing work very well at present.

Is DIGITALYCHEE( your sales agent in China? It seems that Scrivener downloaded in that platform(Scrivener 3 - 跨平台长文写作利器 - 荔枝软件商店) has better translations.

I will pay attention to Scrivener’s following updates and look forward to your excellent work.


(P.S. I also purchased Scapple. Does it have any plans to launch a Chinese ver.?)

Hi Macey,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you! I’ve just returned from maternity leave.

DigitalyChee is our authorized seller in China—I believe you should receive the same exact version of the program when purchasing through them, so translations shouldn’t differ.

Simplified Chinese has been updated in the release of 3.1.2. It’s still considered in “preview” state, but you might consider downloading the free trial and seeing if the translation updates have made Scrivener usable for you.