Problems installing Kindlegen - is 64bit the issue?


For the second time this week I throw my self on the mercy and expertise of Scrivener experts . . . I’ve downloaded Kindlegen in the hope of compiling my first book to Kindle.

After unzipping, I click Run, get a brief flash of the DOS window then all disappears. On checking the readme file, it suggests entering a certain command prompt; I’ve tried this several times without success.

I’m running Windows7 64 bit.

Thanks in anticipation

This thread maybe able to help you.

Many thanks Stacey. Oddly, I just tried compile again and pointing Scrivener at the folder on my hard drive where the Exe file for Kindlegen sits, seems to have done the job. It looks like Scrivener itself has completed the installation of Kindlegen.

Much obliged

Hello Joe,

Glad it sorted itself out!

Thanks Stacey